WIWSA Member Meeting September 2021 Audio and Chat Log

WIWSA Member Meeting September 2021 Audio

Chat Log

00:05:43 Darlene Baldwin, Assistant Clerk: Welcome to the Whidbey Island Water Systems Association Quarterly Meeting – September 16, 2021
00:15:20 Kes Tautvydas: I am connected and can hear you, but I am not visible and can’t participate.
00:16:00 Kes Tautvydas: OK
00:31:39 Loretta Collar: It would be useful to have a directory of the people in the current roles, with their phone numbers and emails. Perhaps a short description of their responsibilities so that we contact the correct person.
00:33:32 John: https://www.doh.wa.gov/CommunityandEnvironment/DrinkingWater/OfficesandStaff/NorthwestRegionalOfficeStaff
00:57:57 Ann Linnea: Will the required PFAS tests before 2025 be conducted by our water system managers—in our case that is King Water management.
01:03:51 Loretta Collar: Is there any update on the consideration to lower the Arsenic standard? Is EPA moving on this? Is WA considering a stricter standard?
01:17:25 Loretta Collar: Interestingly, there Manganese in my vitamin pill – 2.3 mg!
01:22:13 Ann Linnea: Do Class A systems need to address ADUs in their covenants? Or by laws or what?
01:25:12 John: You should have an explicit policy, yes. Covenants would be good.
01:53:27 Mark Greaves: Thank you for your time and contirbutions everyone
01:56:38 Darlene Baldwin, Assistant Clerk: Thank you and Good Night