Group B Membership Drive & Meet-up

As mentioned in the February newsletter, Whidbey Island Water Systems Association is kicking off a Group B membership drive this month with a postcard mailing to the approximately 500 Group B water systems on Whidbey Island. Those postcards should be arriving in the next week to all registered owners and contacts for Group B systems on Whidbey Island as an introduction to those who don’t know about WIWSA and our community.

We held a Group B Meet-up on March 14, 2024 with about 24 attendees (from 17 water systems) with a great discussion on the common issues that we are experiencing with our Group B water systems. You can find the recap here.

Group B systems share some of the challenges faced by larger water systems but have unique issues, many of which might be resolved by sharing information and best practices with each other. WIWSA is in a good position to facilitate sharing by providing a forum through the website, this newsletter and the member meetings, supported by connections to experts when needed.

We hope that some new water systems will decide to apply for membership and help strengthen the association as a resource for the Group B community. As a further incentive, new members who join by March 31st will have their 2024 dues waived, they won’t see a bill until next year.

Click below to visit the new Welcome Group B Water Systems page for more information. If you’re not currently a member, you can apply for membership online and receive the membership drive discount. We would also invite you to email with suggestions for topics you’d like to see addressed at the Meet-up.