PFAS Testing Results Dashboard

PFAS Testing Results Dashboard | Washington State Department of Health

The dashboard shows data from PFAS water testing that is required under a 2021 state rule. Public water systems must test all active, permanent and seasonal sources of their water supply.

Water is tested after all water treatments are completed (such as disinfection) and before the source water is distributed to water customers. The dashboard includes results from each source tested within a water system.  

A PFAS detection at a single source doesn’t necessarily mean these levels occur across the water system or at nearby homes. If you are concerned about PFAS levels at your home, please call your water system.

Water systems must use EPA test method 537.1 (18 PFAS analytes) or EPA test method 533 (24 PFAS analytes). Results for all PFAS chemicals from the tests are included in this dashboard.

Test results are shown as a map or in the table. Click on each dot to see more information about the water system and source. The dashboard also has PFAS testing statistics for commonly asked questions.

The map can be used to:

  • View the most recent test results for each water system and source.
    • This view helps you understand current conditions in water systems, including any changes in PFAS water concentration after action was taken to reduce levels of PFAS.
  • View the highest historical test result reported for each source.
    • This view shows where PFAS may still impact a drinking water supply (such as a groundwater aquifer).
    • If you are near an area with a high PFAS detection, you might choose to test your water source even if you aren’t required to test.

In the future, we will also include water testing data from military testing and other local testing of PFAS in drinking water.