Board of Directors Changes

Board of Directors

We have more changes on the board of directors.


Bethel Hart is stepping down after years of service as our treasurer and bookkeeper. Bethel also created and managed our apprenticeship program. We thank you Bethel for all you have done for the Association.

Doug Kelly is also stepping down, as he and his wife are relocating to be nearer to their growing family. Although only an Association director for a short time, Doug has been a friend of all who drink water on Whidbey for many years in his role as Island County hydrogeologist.

Brenda Bosman joins us as Treasurer and bookkeeper. Brenda has extensive experience with water system billing and bookkeeping, as has been able to pick up quickly. Thanks to Brenda and Bethel for ensuring a smooth transition.

Mitch Allen joins us from Maple Hill Community Association. We’re excited to have a representative of a Group B system on the board. Mitch has offered to be the focal point for Group B systems and issues.

A full list of directors and officers can be found on the web site.

We’re looking for a couple more board members!