General Membership Special Meeting

January 17, 2020 — 5:00 PM TO 7:00 PM
788 NW Alexander Street, COUPEVILLE, WA


Call to order & Quorum call Member and guest introductions

Approve Agenda Members vote to approve the Agenda

THEME OF THE MEETING: The State Board of Health is drafting changes to the Washington Administrative Code 246-290, the Group A rule, and has extended the informal comment period through January 31st 2020. The changes are summarized here.

  • Explanation for the meeting and distribution of State Board of Health overview summaries – Jim Patton (10 minutes)
  • Details of State plan to make changes to the Washington Administrative Code 246-290 – Steve Hulsman, NW Region Office of Drinking Water (30 minutes)
  • Proposed comments that WIWSA intends to submit to the State – John Lovie (20 minutes)
  • Floor open for questions & answers and general discussion (60 minutes)
  • Adjourn