WIWSA President’s Message June 2016

Just recently, I had the pleasure and opportunity to sit with three representatives of a local ground water system which had just added new residents to their community and were moving up from a Group B to a Group A water system.  You all know our WIWSA mantra about the smartest thing that a Group B can do is to behave like a Group A water system by observing the federal and state rules for the larger systems.  Those rules were put into place in order to protect communities from unsafe drinking water and unwise business practices. The folks who took the time to visit with me wanted a plan for stepping up to the requirements for a more intensely regulated water system and I was happy to help them. 

Fortunately, our WIWSA Board of Directors includes persons with broad practical experience in every facet of ground water production and distribution and I urge all of our members to take advantage of that resource.  Please remember that there is no such thing as a “silly question” when it comes to purveying safe water to our friends and neighbors!

Warm regards, Jim Patton