WIWSA President’s Message December 2015

We are approaching our last Quarterly Member’s Meeting for this year, scheduled for 6:00 pm, December 16, 2015 at the Race Road Fire Station.  This meeting will double as our Annual meeting and we will attend to “housekeeping” duties like electing directors and presenting our budget for 2016 to be voted on by our members in attendance.

Over the last few quarterly meetings we have explored issues like consolidation of small water systems, preparations for natural disasters, and the sources of funding for needed replacements and improvements.  For this meeting our Board of Directors decided to organize a “World Café” — an informal setting at which our members can arrange themselves in small discussion groups with the aim of bringing forward issues and topics that our association should focus on next year.  This will also be an opportunity for our Board to listen to our members with the aim of keeping our activities relevant to their needs.  So, when you arrive at the Fire Station please bring your “hot topics” with you and take a seat at one of the discussion tables placed around the room.  We will have a Board member at each table and, as befitting a “café” setting, we, of course will provide the coffee and goodies.

I am looking forward to hearing about our local water issues – and about the stewardship of our association – from you!

Warm regards, Jim Patton, President

President’s Message, September 2015


September, 2015

I would not be surprised to learn that more than a few of our member water systems are in need of an important upgrading of treatment equipment, replacement of well and / or distribution pumps or piping or expensive repairs or improvements of some sort.  If we pay the attention that we should to the “water works” on which we rely for our most basic human requirement we all find wear and tear or simple obsolescence that we cannot ignore indefinitely.

Recognizing the needs of our water systems is easy, but finding the money to pay for responding to those needs can be difficult.  While the State’s Small Water System Management Program (WAC 246-290-105) calls for making a component inventory and assessment with a view to putting money away in advance to replace equipment on a planned schedule, this practice (even if carried out) will not always provide the money we need when we need it.

Among our members are small water systems owned by every level of “income demographic” (as the bankers say).  Wealthy owners / operators can typically agree on an appropriate assessment, collect the necessary funds and get on with their projects.  Many of our members do not fit that demographic and must look to outside sources for the money they need to keep their systems in the best of shape.

Our association is familiar with the federal, state and non-profit sources of money for taking care of our water system needs.  We will host representatives of those sources at our Quarterly Members Meeting on September 16, 2015 at 6:00 pm, at the Race Road Fire Station 1164 Race Road Coupeville, WA 98239
to provide advice and answer questions from our members.

Warm regards, Jim Patton

Funding sources for water system improvements

Do you need to upgrade or repair your water system infrastructure? Come to the Whidbey Island Water Systems Association quarterly meeting on Wednesday September 16th at 6:00 pm at Race Road Fire Station 1164 Race Road Coupeville, WA 98239

Hear presentations from and have your questions answered by our panel:

Darla O’Connor (USDA)
Karen Klocke (Washington DOH)
Chuck Miller (RCAC)
Tracy Hunter (ERWOW)
Bruce Martin (Islanders’ Bank)
John Lovie (Whidbey Island Local Lending)


Free DOH Drinking Water Asset Management Workshop

Free DOH Drinking Water Asset Management Workshop

Saturday November 7th, 8:30 am-4pm, Heller Road Fire Station, Oak Harbor

Attend an asset management workshop to learn about the asset inventory and setting rates. Bring your laptop and we will help you begin your asset inventory exercise. Don’t have a lap top? We will have a few available for use in class and we will send you home with a thumb drive with all the attachments you should need.

DOH and RCAC program staff can provide one-on-one assistance with your asset inventory form and answer your questions.

The workshop is FREE and we are working on getting operator CEUs for it!

Registration required – click <here for registration form