PFAS in the legislature

Washington S-0160.2 Senate Joint Memorial 8001 was read before the Environment committee on Jan 26, 2021.

While this bill asks the federal government to assist in PFAS remediation, it contains a paragraph attempting to foreclose on the establishment of cleanup standards for PFAS. The board of WIWSA wrote to the committee chair requesting that the bill not be advanced out of committee and that the PFAS Chemical Action Plan team be allowed to complete their work and make recommendations without prior prejudice. The full test of the bill and of the board’s letter can be found below.



Jim Patton with Award for Service to WIWSA

“Folks — Randi — escorted by Sam — safely delivered my award for WIWSA service and I will treasure it …….. THANK YOU!  Just not sure whether I will have to rotate it on the shelf with my award from the State DOH — or build another shelf!

I look forward to attending future quarterly WIWSA meetings as a representative of my WBRA water system as you guide all “the troops” to clean drinking water.

Warmest regards and Happy New Year, Jim”

Whidbey Island Water Systems Association Annual Meeting


Annual Meeting

December 10, 2020 – 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Via Zoom


Call to orderBoard and guest introductions
Roll call of 2020 new members
Quorum call At least one-fifth of membership present
Approve Agenda             Members vote to approve the agenda
Secretary’s Report:Randi Perry will present the Minutes for the September 2020 General Membership Meeting.  Members vote to approve the Minutes.
Treasurer’s Report:Bethel Hart will present the Treasurer’s Report.  Members vote to approve the Treasurer’s Report.
Bethel Hart will present an update on the apprenticeship/scholarship program
Bethel Hart will present the budget for 2021. Members vote to approve the budget.
Election of Directors: Members vote to appoint directors
Review of 2020:A review of significant events and accomplishments in 2020.
Preview of 2021: A brief overview of coming events in 2021
Next member meeting March 4, 2020
Floor open for general discussion