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Welcome to Whidbey Island Water Systems Association, a resource for all who drink water on Whidbey Island! Our members are Municipal, Group A, and Group B water systems, private well owners, and the operators, engineers, and others who serve those water systems.  Our quarterly member meeting are currently held via Zoom. The meeting invitation will be sent via our email list only. You must be a subscriber to the email list to receive the invitation email. Click here to subscribe! Continue reading Welcome!

Sea water intrusion – it ain’t just salt

‘These levels are crazy’: Louisiana tap water sees huge spike in toxic chemicals | Louisiana | The Guardian Sea water is naturally high in bromide and contains bacteria that require disinfection. The chlorine reacts with bromine for form bromine, which contributes along with the chlorine to disinfection byproducts such as trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs). This is what’s happening right now is Louisiana as the combination of drought and rising sea levels has pushed salt water into the Mississippi River. ‘Everything out the faucet is salt’: Louisianans struggle as drinking water crisis persists | Louisiana | The Guardian This … Continue reading Sea water intrusion – it ain’t just salt