Message from King Water on contingency plans

“First we are protecting our workers.  We are no longer having morning meetings, cancelling all customer meetings and not allowing anyone into our offices.  I have also instructed all the guys to stay away from all customers, maintain the ten foot distance. 
If we become short staffed, we will focus on the chlorinated and filtered systems and, of course,  cancel all projects.  We can actually manage with 3-4 guys, but it is tough, very tough.  We’ve all talked and all know what we have to do, if it gets that bad.  We also have a few other people we can draw on, if need be. 
Stay healthy,
Sandra “

Drinking in the View

Drinking in the View

BY SHARON BETCHER Whidbey Life Magazine Contributor May 18, 2016

On the island, water can seem mesmerizingly ubiquitous. We drink in the view from every possible angle. But drinking in the aqueous view can deceive us. Despite the water that stretches to the horizon in every direction, we actually have a limited supply of fresh drinking water, and that supply is intimately related to our habits—from where we build our homes to how our excretes percolate through the soil and reenter the groundwater.