Message from King Water on contingency plans

“First we are protecting our workers.  We are no longer having morning meetings, cancelling all customer meetings and not allowing anyone into our offices.  I have also instructed all the guys to stay away from all customers, maintain the ten foot distance. 
If we become short staffed, we will focus on the chlorinated and filtered systems and, of course,  cancel all projects.  We can actually manage with 3-4 guys, but it is tough, very tough.  We’ve all talked and all know what we have to do, if it gets that bad.  We also have a few other people we can draw on, if need be. 
Stay healthy,
Sandra “

June 2020 Quarterly Membership Meeting

March 19 June 18, 2020 — 5:00 PM TO 7:00 PM

Sno-Isle Coupeville Library
788 NW Alexander Street
Coupeville, WA 98239


Coronavirus: As State DOH staff is grounded until at least May 1st, and as our membership skews older, we have reluctanly decided to cancel the March membership meeting and run the same program for the June meeting.

  • Call to order & Quorum call: Member and guest introductions
  • Approve Agenda: Members vote to approve the Agenda
  • Resignation of Jim Patton: See note from Jim here. Members vote of thanks to Jim.
  • Introduction of board
  • Secretary’s Report:
  • Treasurer’s Report: Bethel Hart will present the Treasurer’s Report. Vote to approve the Treasurer’s Report.
  • Announcements
    • A Day with DOH Workshop, April 15th, Skagit Valley Inn & Conference Center Cancelled.
    • One-day Asset Management workshop on Whidbey Island on April 30th, Coupeville Rec Hall, details to follow. To be rescheduled for June.
    • Date and theme for next Quarterly Membership Meeting in June September 2020 at Coupeville Library
  • Theme of this meeting: Follow up on open issues and questions from “Drafting your Small Water System Management Program” (required by WAC 246-290-105).
    • Open issue survey results. If you have not yet completed our survey, please do so here.
    • Reserve Studies
    • Equipment Inventory and Asset Management, with a focus on preparing for the workshop.
    • Record keeping
  • Floor open for questions & answers and general discussion – all chapters & aspects of the SWSMP
  • Adjourn