December 12, 2019 — 5:00 PM TO 7:00 PM

788 NW Alexander Street, COUPEVILLE, WA


  • Call to order & Quorum call: Member and guest introductions
  • Approve Agenda: Members vote to approve the Agenda
  • Secretary’s Report: Randi Perry will present the Minutes for the September 19, 2019 General Membership Meeting. Vote to approve the Minutes.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Bethel Hart will present the Treasurer’s Report and Budget for 2020. Votes to approve the Treasurer’s Report and Budget.
  • Election of Director: Vote to re-elect Joe Grogan for 3-year ter
  • “Pass the word!”:
    1. Comments on AWWA one-day workshops on Whidbey Island; ideas for subject matter for the April workshop.
    2. Date and theme for next Quarterly Membership Meeting in March 2020 at Coupeville Library.
    3. WIWSA participation in Sound Waters University presentations on Saturday, February 1st at South Whidbey High School.
  • Theme of this meeting:Drafting your Small Water System Management Program” (required by WAC 246-290-105). Presentation by Ms. Katy Isaksen on composing Chapter Three: FINANCIAL CAPACITY.
  • Floor open for questions & answers and general discussion – all chapters & aspects of the SWSMP
  • Adjourn


At the beginning of this year, our WIWSA Board of Directors decided to do more than encourage our members to complete their Small Water Systems Management Programs (SWSMPs). We dedicated our June and September Quarterly Members’ Meetings to focus on the first two of the three components of the SWSMP: Chapter One, Managerial Capacity, and Chapter Two, Technical Capacity and we provided copies of the 82-page Guide for completing a SWSMP (DOH Document #331-134), along with suitable loose-leaf binders. The enthusiastic response from our members showed that we were on the right track.

Now, we are dedicating our December Quarterly Members’ Meeting (5:00 to 7:00 pm on December 12th at the Sno-Isle Library in Coupeville) to explaining the third component of the SWSMP, Chapter Three, Financial Capacity. Fortunately, we will enjoy the benefit of a presentation by a skilled practitioner in the business of financial services, Ms. Katy Isaksen. Katy Isaksen & Associates has been operating in the financial services sector in Seattle for 24 years and she has agreed to speak on the topics of asset replacement, budgets and rate setting as they are called out in Chapter Three and as they apply to the ownership and management of small water systems.

Also, if time permits, I will briefly discuss the State Law, RCW 64.38.065, as it applies to the Reserve Study and Account required by WAC 246-290-105 and described in the SWSMP Chapter 3.1 and 3.2.

We know that some of our members do not yet have copies of the Guide (or the binders) so we will have more to distribute at this meeting. We look forward to seeing you then!

Warm regards, Jim Patton, President WIWSA