Revised Bylaws

Our association’s Bylaws have not been refreshed since the WIWSA was established in 2004 and some articles need to be updated. A comparison of the version linked under, which will be presented to our membership for approval on March 21, 2018 with the recommendation of our Board of Directors, with the original Bylaws (below) will show that no changes have been recommended for:

  • Our business purposes or Rules of Order
  • Our classes of membership or Annual Dues or Assessments
  • Our scheduled meetings or voting privileges
  • The number and titles of our Officers and Directors or their responsibilities, powers or manner of election
  • Our financial rules re: contracts, loans, checks or deposits

References to “start-up” rules in 2005 have been deleted and a three year term of office for each Director has been inserted. The opportunities for the members to approve recommendations by the Board of Directors has been clarified (e.g., changes to annual dues or assessments must be approved at the annual meeting in December).

Proposed bylaws for approval by membership: Revised Bylaws

Current Bylaws: Current Bylaws



March 2018

First of all, three “housekeeping” details.

One, this quarter’s Water News will be the last paper & mailed version of our quarterly Water News.  At our last membership meeting, almost all attendees voted to change to an email version and we will be communicating with you “digitally” from now on.

Two, our next quarterly members’ meeting – 5:00 to 7:00 pm on March 21stwill be the last meeting at the Race Road Fire Station for this year.  The station will be getting a “top to bottom” renovation beginning this spring so we will be moving our quarterly meetings to the Coupeville Library @ 788 NW Alexander Street, Coupeville – just up the street from the Museum.  We plan to continue to have our meetings on the evening of the third Wednesday of June, September and December as we have always had – and we hope that you will continue to join us!

Three, our board has drafted a “refreshed” version of our Bylaws – which have not been updated since our association was born.  Please take a look at this draft on our website and come to our quarterly meeting ready to discuss it and vote to bring our Bylaws up to date.

The theme of this “first-of-the-year” membership meeting on March 21st will be “Responsibilities and Limitations of Satellite Management Agencies.”  For our Group A members, whether you have a contract with one of our local SMAs or not, you will learn from the State Office of Drinking Water what the State’s expectations for SMAs are – and from the SMAs, what their limitations are – and how they are dealing with these limitations.

For our Group B members, while you may not be contracting with a local SMA, we are sure that you will learn something important from this “freewheeling” discussion.

Warm regards, Jim Patton

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING March 21, 2018 — 5:00 PM TO 7:00 PM


March 21, 2018 — 5:00 PM TO 7:00 PM




Call to order                       Member and guest introductions

Quorum call                       At least one-fifth of membership present

Approve Agenda                Vote to approve the Agenda

Secretary’s Report:  Randi Perry will present the Minutes for the December 6, 2017 General Membership Meeting.  Vote to approve the Minutes.

Treasurer’s Report:    Bethel Hart will present the Treasurer’s Report.  Vote to approve the Treasurer’s Report.

“Pass the word!”:   1. Scheduled dates for 2018 Quarterly Membership Meetings; 2. Board of Directors election of Officers for 2018; 3. Need to “refresh” Bylaws, discussion and members’ vote to approve.

Theme of this meeting:  Responsibilities and limitations of Satellite Management Agencies and the expectations of their clients and the State Board of Health.

Introduction of guest panelists:

Mr. Derek Pell, Assistant NW Region Manager, WA DOH, ODW

Ms. Sandra Bodamer, owner of King Water Company, SMA #128*

Mr. Andy Campbell, owner of Whidbey Water Services, SMA #136*

Mr. Kelly Wynn, owner of Water & Wastewater Services, SMA #148*

*As available

Floor open for general discussion