Many of our members will recall that we committed a quarterly members’ meeting last year to the subject of water ownership in our state.  Since then, we have focused on other topics but recently we have received questions from more than a few members about the responsibilities and legal obligations of Home Owner Associations and other communities that purvey drinking water to their members.  There is definitely some confusion about this subject so we will dedicate our quarterly members’ meeting on December 6th to give it the clarification that it deserves.

Once again, the leadership and staff of our State Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water, has agreed to participate in our meeting and to provide guidance and advice.  The State Department of Ecology will also be represented and officials from Island County Health will be on hand to relate the legal rules and practices to our local situation.  I am sure that we will all learn something of value and I hope that you will be able to join us

Warm regards, Jim Patton

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING – December 6, 2017 — 6:00 PM TO 8:00 PM




Call to order                       Member and guest introductions

Quorum call                       At least one-fifth of membership present

Approve Agenda             Vote to approve the Agenda

Secretary’s Report:  Randi Perry will present the Minutes for the September 20, 2017 General Membership Meeting.  Vote to approve the Minutes.

Treasurer’s Report:    John Lovie will present the Treasurer’s Report.  Vote to approve the Treasurer’s Report.

“Pass the word!”:   1. Scheduled dates for 2018 Quarterly Membership Meetings; 2. Introduction of Mr. Denis Mehinagic who has assumed the position of NW Region Engineer formerly held by Ms. Virpi Salo-Zieman.

Theme of this meeting:  Responsibilities and legal obligations of Home Owners Associations and other communities that purvey drinking water to their members.

Introduction of guest panelists:

Mr. Derek Pell, Assistant NW Region Manager, WA DOH, ODW

Ms. Jennifer Kropack, NW Region Planner, WA DOH, ODW

Mr. John Rose, Hydrogeologist, WA DOE

Mr. Vin Sherman, Island County Health

Floor open for general discussion