We are approaching our last Quarterly Member’s Meeting for this year, scheduled for 6:00 pm, December 7, 2016 at the Race Road Fire Station.  This meeting will double as our Annual meeting and we will attend to “housekeeping” chores like electing directors, reporting on our finances and presenting our budget for 2017 to be voted on by our members.  As usual, we will move through all of this smartly to save time for our “main event.”

In our three previous members’ meetings this year we covered issues like the responsibilities of water boards, the ownership of water in Washington State and treatment for contaminants in our local ground water.  Feedback from our members reassures us that we have been providing the kind of information that they need – but we have also learned that they want more emphasis on the basics of operating and maintaining their Group A and Group B water systems.  The State Office of Drinking Water (ODW) has developed a Small Water Systems Management Program (WAC 246-290-105) that is a comprehensive guide to collecting and assembling all the data needed to understand and organize any small water system.

At first reading, the SWSMP described in the Washington Administrative Code appears intimidating (if not overwhelming!) and we want to present it to our members in the most “used-friendly” manner possible.  Representatives of the ODW will be on hand at this meeting to help us to do that.  As usual, we will provide the coffee and goodies!

I am looking forward to seeing you!

Warm regards, Jim Patton, President