WIWSA president Jim Patton speaking at Sound Waters

WIWSA president Jim Patton will be speaking at Sound Waters on Feb 6th on Understanding Your Local Water System — Best Practices in Management and Operations.

The class will cover the legal identifications of the types of local water systems; the control of the federal government, and the state and county governments over water systems; the ownership and the responsibilities of owners of local water systems; and best practices in management and operations, including routine financing and planning for replacing capital equipment. Time permitting, the pros and cons of consolidating small water systems will also be covered.

WIWSA will also have a booth – stop by and see us!

Further details and registration information on the Sound Waters website. All who drink water in the Puget Sound area will find something to learn at this event.

Happy new year – new application, renewal, update form

It’s the time of year when we send out our invoices to renew your membership in WIWSA. This year we’re asking all members to renew their contact information including email addresses so that we may continue to reach you with news and announcements, and we’ll be including a copy of our WIWSA Membership Application/Renewal/Update form to collect that information.

You can download the WIWSA Membership Application/Renewal/Update form at any time to apply for or renew your membership, or just to update your contact information. We look forward to hearing from you!